The value of myWatt

You have invested in solar but do you know if it is working as hard as it should? Without myWatt, a simple fault may go undetected for months and that is going to cost you money. If your system is under-performing, you will be using the grid more for your electricity needs. No one likes to receive an unexpectedly high electricity bill, especially if you are a solar owner and there is a low-cost solution available.

Designed and developed by solar specialists, Suntrix, myWatt is a low-cost monitoring tool that is giving solar owners across Australia peace of mind. Simply put, it shows you what your solar is doing anytime, anywhere; and if your system stops working for any reason, you will receive an email alert. By identifying problems as soon as they happen, you can respond immediately, protect your solar investment and ensure you don’t lose money. Don’t delay, buy your myWatt today!

How it works

The myWatt unit sits next to your inverter and records how much solar is generated. It then stores the data in the myWatt cloud via your internet connection. Once you have completed the simple set-up process, you’ll then be able to view nifty graphs, receive daily reports and email alerts. If you think that your solar system isn’t working correctly, one of our solar specialists can quickly verify if your system is under-performing and advise on a course of action.

For myWatt to work, you need to have a compatible inverter and a reliable internet (WiFi or Ethernet) connection.