About us

Suntrix is Australian owned and operated, focusing on the commercial, residential and wholesale sectors of the solar industry

Starting the company in 2009, Jenny Paradiso and David Hille were dissatisfied with the service and product offerings on the market. Their desire for a quality product at a reasonable price and their commitment to helping customers understand their solar investment was the start of their new business – Suntrix.

Today Suntrix delivers complete energy solutions for home and businesses, and boasts a diverse range of products and services; the latest being myWatt. Suntrix are one of the most awarded solar companies in Australia; and is a founding signatory of the Clean Energy Council PV Code ofConduct, one of a select national pool of solar companies to become an approved solar retailer.

myWatt was developed to equip households and businesses with real-time solar performance

This nifty device attaches to your system’s solar inverter and wirelessly transmits data to the myWatt Cloud. You can then review your real-time solar performance from any device with internet access, including your mobile phone, simply by logging into a secure online account.

myWatt could save you hundreds of dollars on solar panel issues, simply by making you aware of under-performance or system breakdowns. If you think your solar system isn’t working correctly, one of out solar specialists can quickly verify if your system is under-performing and advise on a course of action. By identifying issues as soon as they happen, you can respond immediately, protect your solar investment and ensure you don’t lose money.