Compatible Inverters

The following table gives you important information about how to connect your myWatt to your inverter. Ready to buy? – click here.

Brand Set-up Power Communication
SMA (models with bluetooth functionality only)

For optimum performance, myWatt should be placed within 10 metres on inverter

An AC power socket is required. Bluetooth

Electrician required

An AC power socket is required RS-485 cable
Growatt myWatt is powered by Growatt inverter RS-232 cable

Electrician required to access front plate of inverter

myWatt is powered by SSE inverter RS-485 cable

Electrician required to access bottom plate of inverter

myWatt is powered by Zeversolar inverter RS-422/485 cable
Fronius myWatt is powered by Fronius inverter Details to follow

More inverters are regularly being added. Please contact us if your inverter is not on this list